Leadership Team

The company leadership team is currently:

  • Tom (CEO)
  • Joe (CTO)
  • Noel (CGO)
  • Ant (Commercial Director)
  • Dee (PM Team Lead)
  • Elodie (Director of Product)
  • Japh (Director Cloud Operations)
  • Petya (Head of Allocations)
  • Ryan (Director of Engineering)
  • Siobhan (Director of People Operations)
  • Zoe (Director of Business Operations)

This team meets every 2 weeks to check-in on the state of the business (financial position, cashflow, upcoming pipeline), and to talk through any emergent issues. We also have a private Slack channel which we use to coordinate any sensitive/private issues related to people, money, etc.

The leadership team does not include everyone who has a leadership or management role. We also have team leads, engineering managers, and others who are focused on leadership or management in a specific area.