Executive Team

The company executive team is currently:

  • Joe, CTO
  • Noel, CGO
  • Ross, VP of Revenue
  • Siobhan, VP of People & Culture
  • Tom, CEO

The executive team works closely together and meets weekly to align on goals, strategic progress, company health, etc.

Wider Leadership

  • Adrian, Director of Engineering
  • Ant, Director of Accounts
  • Dee, PM Discipline Lead
  • Fatima, Head of Finance
  • Jenny B, Director of Delivery
  • Petya, Head of Allocations
  • Ryan, Interim Director of Product
  • Zoe, Director of Business Operations

The wider leadership group meets every 2 weeks to talk through emergent issues and align on goals. There is also a private Slack channel which we use to coordinate things that aren’t ready or appropriate to share more widely.


In addition to the leaders and executive team above which usually also directly manage people, the following folks have people management roles

  • Jenny Wong, Engineering Manager
  • Than, Engineering Manager
  • Matt, Engineering Manager
  • Tarei, Engineering Manager