Web Engineer

As a Web Engineer at Human Made, you should have a deep understanding of modern web development, with an emphasis on JavaScript and PHP.

Your experience should include building custom solutions, understanding and incorporating security practices, and considering performance implications. You should also have knowledge of modern web technologies and best practices, including semantic HTML and modern CSS.

You need to have strong experience building either PHP or JavaScript applications, and will be expected to skill up to a similar level in the other language. You should also have a solid understanding of MySQL and the considerations of database-driven applications, or be expected to get those skills on the role.

As Human Made develops large-scale WordPress sites, you will be expected to learn and work with WordPress. Previous experience with WordPress, though desired, is not essential, but you will be expected to gain and develop this on the job. Experience contributing to the WordPress core software is a plus, but not expected.

You should be familiar with the tools required for engineering projects. This includes a good understanding of Git, conflict resolution, local development environments, PHP configuration, following coding standards and general computer maintenance and security. You should be willing to adapt to the established processes in Human Made.

As a Web Engineer at Human Made, you will work in small (2 – 5 people) transient teams on large WordPress-based builds for enterprise clients. With the direction and support of the Project Technical Lead and Project Manager, you’re expected to implement the project plan, typically in an agile-based, short sprint cycle cadence. This will require you to effectively communicate progress, be open about difficulties you encounter and speak up where you see problems in architectural decisions or unrealistic task estimates. As Human Made is a remote company, you will require good communication skills and the ability to be self-directed.

You should be prepared to learn new technologies, frameworks or software when required. These could be outside of your engineering comfort zone. You are expected to have a can-do attitude when tackling new technical challenges, working with team-wide decisions that may not be your own and dealing with client relationship frustrations.


  • In-depth understanding of engineering with JavaScript and/or PHP
  • Good understanding of WordPress (may be developed on the job)
  • Ability to debug your own code and that of others
  • Experience in using debugging tools
  • Strong understanding of HTML5 & CSS
  • Experience in versioning technologies such as Git
  • Knowledge of interacting with RESTful APIs
  • Ability to set up local development environments
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Ability to manage your workload and juggle multiple tasks


  • Planning and implementing features
  • Refactoring code and carrying out bug fixes
  • Working with other developers on your team and your project manager
  • Delivering work on time and according to specifications
  • Regular communication with both your team and the rest of the company
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and to communicate issues to your team
  • Communicate effectively with the team if you are struggling or need guidance on assigned tasks
  • Interact with clients in a professional and respectful way


Reports to: Engineering Manager

Works with: PM Team, Engineers, Sales & Accounts Managers