Principal Web Engineer

As a Principal Web Engineer, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how to architect, build, and deliver complex projects, in addition to an exhaustive understanding of modern web development with WordPress.

You should be able to architect projects including their complex subsystems, with the ability to understand each subsystem in the context of the project as a whole. You should be able to hold an entire project in your head, providing justification and context for the decisions of the project. You are expected to understand how your work and the work of the team fits together to form a secure, performance project which meets specifications.

The responsibilities and expectations of a Principal Web Engineer are not necessarily tied to a specific project. While you will need to apply your skills on each project you are assigned to, you are also expected to set a similar example when interacting with the whole engineering team for meta-level tasks. You are expected to contribute to the overall well-being of the engineering team, and to display technical and interpersonal leadership within projects and in the company as a whole. You are also expected to contribute positively to discussions across the engineering team, and to help set the standards for the entire engineering team.

You are expected to help other engineers proactively, including providing cross-project code review, helping other engineers debug problems, or offering advice and architectural guidance to other projects. You are also expected to help onboard and train engineers, including trialists and external (client) engineers.

You are expected to troubleshoot large architectural problems and team structure issues. In some situations you will be brought into a project to aid in delivery when things have gone awry. To ensure smooth delivery, you will need confidence, technical expertise, and considerable experience on client projects to be able to assess and remedy any problems.

The Sales and Accounts team should be able to call upon you for assistance when putting together project estimates for pitches.

Previous experience with Human Made clients, demonstration of technical ability, and a record of dealing well with challenging client projects are essential to this job. Principal Web Engineers will be promoted internally, typically from Senior Web Engineer. External hires who display potential will join the company as a Senior Web Engineer and be promoted after practical demonstration of their ability.


  • All skills described under Senior Web Engineer, plus:
  • Ability to define project specifications and help assign and delegate tasks
  • Architect and deliver entire projects from start to finish
  • Hold the history of and context to architectural decisions for an entire project
  • Ability to provide input and direction in the sales process
  • Ability to work with clients at all levels, and understand what the client’s problem and motivations are
  • Lead technical and architectural discussion in projects and in the wider company
  • Display internal technical leadership


  • All responsibilities described under Senior Web Engineer, plus:
  • Keeping up-to-date with developments in web technologies and be an internal expert
  • Regularly act as Project Technical Lead on client projects.
  • Take ownership of coming up with solutions to large technical challenges for development projects and when projects encounter difficulties.
  • Provide mentorship and technical assistance to other members of the engineering team
  • Embody a “let’s fix the problem” attitude when presented with challenges throughout all development projects
  • Proactively address issues, including technical problems, process and decisions.
  • Be the main check on security and performance awareness and practices for any team or project you are on.
  • Anticipate challenges across the development team and on specific projects
  • Politically navigate conflicting teams, relationships or client expectations to help the team make projects successful.
  • Have a practical approach to development and implementation by weighing technical challenges, technical debt, budgetary concerns, and client expectations.


Reports to: Engineering Manager

Works with: PM Team, Engineers, Sales & Accounts Managers