Developer Advocate

Discipline: Engineering

Primary Focus: Altis Product


As a Developer Advocate, your primary goal is to bridge the gap between the product and its users by fostering a deep understanding of the target audience’s needs and advocating for changes that enhance their experience with the product. You are responsible for providing valuable insights to the product team, driving improvements within the product, and educating the target audience on how to effectively utilise the product to achieve their desired outcomes.


  • Product Team Collaboration:
    Work closely within the product team, sharing insights and recommendations to inform product strategy, improvements, and overall user experience. Ensure that the target audience’s voice is represented in the decision-making process.
  • Change Implementation:
    Advocate for a quality-lead approach to changes and improvements within the product, addressing the target audience’s needs, and enhancing their experience with the product. Monitor the impact of these changes and continuously iterate to optimise the user experience.
  • Target Audience Education:
    Develop and deliver engaging educational content, such as tutorials, blog posts, and documentation, to help the target audience effectively use the product and achieve their desired outcomes. Tailor content to different skill levels and use cases to ensure maximum impact.
  • Feedback Loop:
    Establish and maintain an effective feedback loop between customers and the product team, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation based on user needs and market trends.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration:
    Collaborating with the commercial and marketing teams to align product positioning and messaging, and ensure a seamless user experience throughout the customer journey.