Community Engineer

As a Community Engineer at Human Made you are responsible for representing the company in the WordPress and related open source communities. Your day-to-day job is to be actively involved in those communities, providing your expertise as a Community Manager, engineer, and open source advocate.

Your role constitutes a significant part of Human Made’s contributions to WordPress and other open source projects. You should use your knowledge and instincts to make best use of your time through contributing to and supporting open source projects, including WordPress, PHP, and related technologies. You should work with and mentor other open source contributors, helping them to best direct their own efforts. This includes mentoring event organisers and speakers, providing your input in community discussions, and helping to onboard new contributors.

You should be an advocate for diversity and inclusion, both inside Human Made and in open source communities. You should work to bring forward minority voices, helping to give them a platform and develop their skills. Internally, you should assist with ongoing diversity efforts, using your community knowledge to help achieve diversity goals.

As the company’s representative at many community events, you should maintain an ongoing awareness of Human Made’s hiring and business needs, so that you can identify potential hires and talk about the current status of the business.

In addition to being a representative of Human Made in the WordPress community, you should provide internal support as requested for people who are interested in getting involved with open source projects. You should be aware of the current landscape in WordPress and other projects so that you can answer questions and provide support as required. To maintain your development skills, you should contribute to Human Made internal projects in-between your community work.


  • Development experience with WordPress
  • Knowledge of WordPress, PHP, and other programming language
  • Knowledge of open source development practices and communities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to mentor others and provide direction


  • Represent Human Made in the WordPress community
  • Actively contribute to WordPress
  • Attend WordPress and Open Source events
  • Provide mentorship to other open source contributors, including conference organisers and speakers, and active contributors
  • Assist with hiring, in particular identifying potential hires and answering their questions
  • Help to drive diversity in Human Made and in the WordPress community
  • Work on internal tools