For a closer look at what Joe is currently focused on see his GitHub repo: https://github.com/humanmade/cto/issues

The CTO is accountable for technology and engineering strategy across the company. The CTO is responsible for making sure technology-related decisions are made in accordance with company goals. The CTO is also responsible for information security, company networks, security procedures and industry compliance that relates to technology.

Key Reports

The Director of Engineering reports to the CTO. The CTO sets the direction and strategy with the Director of Engineering– the DoE is responsible for implementing the strategy and operations of the engineering discipline.

The Director of Product reports to the CTO. The CTO provides strategic direction to the product team and is responsible for making sure the product development and operations are aligned to company goals.


  • Engineering capability meets the needs of the business
  • Use of technology throughout the company is effective and secure
  • Product/market-fit of the Altis capabilities
  • Security of company information and data
  • Compliance with technology industry standards


  • Work with the executive team to achieve company goals
  • Set direction for the Director of Engineering and engineering discipline. Measure their performance and outcomes.
  • Contribute to go-to-market activities, including product market fit and product positioning
  • Work with Director of Product to ensure product progress and operational success
  • Lead company IT infrastructure projects