Maternity Leave & Pay

We believe that the fact that you are having a baby shouldn’t affect your financial situation or unduly impact your options when you return to work.

For that reason our maternity leave and pay scheme goes beyond your statutory entitlement. It can be accessed once you have been at the company for one year (though if you fall pregnant earlier discuss with your manager to see how we can accommodate). Prior to one year at Human Made you are entitled to statutory leave (based on your country of employment)

Our enhanced leave that you can take up to 52 weeks from 28 weeks into your pregnancy (11 weeks before childbirth), up until your baby is a year old. You will receive your normal salary throughout your period(s) of maternity leave.

You don’t need to take it all off in one go, but can break it up as you need to. If you require additional time off due to complications or illness during pregnancy, please reach out to us. It may be that additional paid leave can be taken. We will assess that on a case by case basis


You retain all the usual rights and protections that apply to employees who are pregnant or on maternity leave. For that reason we do still require a few things from you.

Firstly please inform us as soon as possible that you are pregnant. This is important as there may be health and safety considerations and we need to carry out a risk assessment.

Before the end of the fifteenth week before the week that you expect to give birth you should have told us the week in which your doctor or midwife expects you to give birth (in the UK this is usually contained in a form called a MATB1).

We would also ask that you let us know by this time when you want your maternity leave to begin, although we will try our best to be flexible.

Your maternity leave will normally start on the date you have selected. However, it may start earlier if you give birth before then, or if you are absent for a pregnancy-related reason in the last four weeks before your expected week of childbirth. In either of those cases, maternity leave will start on the following day. Therefore you must tell us as soon as possible if you are absent because of a pregnancy-related reason.

In most countries, the law says that we cannot allow you to work during the two weeks following childbirth.

Shortly before your maternity leave is due to start we will discuss with you the arrangements for covering your work and the opportunities for you to remain in contact, should you wish to do so, during your leave.

Unless you request otherwise, you will remain on circulation lists for internal news, job vacancies, training and work-related social events.


You minimum holiday entitlement will continue to accrue during maternity leave. If your maternity leave will continue into the next holiday year, any minimum holiday entitlement that is not taken before starting your maternity leave can be carried over.

As you receive full salary during maternity leave any pension arrangements will continue as normal.

We may make reasonable contact with you from time to time during your maternity leave although we will keep this to a minimum. Do please feel free to keep in touch though; for example you are welcome to work on ‘keeping in touch days’ during your time off.


If you are planning to breastfeed when you return to work, Human Made will provide support. We encourage you to:

  • breastfeed during any of your work calls and meetings.
  • expense the cost of a breast pump, whether that is purchasing one or hiring a hospital-grade pump. Contact Zoe or Siobhan for advice.
  • bring your baby to the company retreat.
  • if you are required to travel for work you may bring your baby and we will cover the costs of childcare.

If there is any other breastfeeding support that we can provide just let Zoe or Siobhan know.


You can take any time off you need to undergo any investigations or treatment. Following implantation, you are regarded as being pregnant. If the implantation is successful normal maternity rights will apply. If it is unsuccessful, you are entitled to an additional two weeks absence from work following your negative pregnancy test results.


If you miscarry, we encourage you to take time off to fully recover, both physically and emotionally. We will do whatever we can to support you throughout this period. We offer up to three months paid leave if you need it. If you need more paid leave, please reach out to us and we will consider any request on a case by case basis.


If your child is stillborn after 24 weeks, or dies subsequent to birth, you are entitled to the same 52 weeks of maternity leave.


Let us know when you plan to return to work so that we can plan accordingly, normally we would expect 8 weeks’ notice. At this point it’s a good time to raise any needs that you have (e.g. changes to your working arrangements). You can have a staged return to work, starting out part-time and taking on more work over the period of a few weeks.


At a minimum, you are entitled to the statutory rights of the country in which you are employed. However, you will find in most cases that we offer better entitlements than the statutory minimum. If we provide a better entitlement, you will be taken to have received the statutory minimum as well. To see what the statutory minimums in your country are, please see the below link.