Adoption Leave & Pay

We believe that the fact that welcoming a new child into your home shouldn’t affect your financial situation or unduly impact your options when you return to work.

It can be accessed once you have been at the company for one year (though  discuss with your manager to see how we can accommodate if you are matched earlier). Prior to one year at Human Made you are entitled to statutory leave (based on your country of employment)

Take off any time you need throughout the adoption process, including time for training and assessment. This should be agreed with your manager in advance and your project should be informed of any absences.

You may also take as much time as you require during the 52 weeks from the point at which you are matched with your child/children.

You will receive your normal salary throughout your period(s) of adoption leave.

You do not need to take all of your leave in one block. We understand that all families are different and the process is complex; we will do whatever we can do to support you through it and give the time and space you need.


Let Tom know when you plan to return to work so that we can plan accordingly. At this point it’s a good time to raise any needs that you have. You can have a staged return to work, starting out part-time and taking on more work over the period of a few weeks.


At a minimum, you are entitled to the statutory rights of the country in which you are employed. However, you will find in most cases that we offer better entitlements than the statutory minimum. If we provide a better entitlement, you will be taken to have received the statutory minimum as well. To see what the statutory minimums in your country are, please see the below link.