🦠 Read all the COVID-19 related announcements 👉

The current global situation with COVID-19 is fluid, so expect these guidelines to change in response to the recommendations of the WHO and other bodies. We will post any changes to the policy to Updates.

As Human Made is internationally distributed, we expect the impact to be different depending on where you are based. You should maintain an awareness of your local advice and follow any guidelines and restrictions put in place by your government.

Travel & Events

We are making the following changes to our usual approach to travel. This will stay in place until such a time as the situation has improved enough to switch back to our standard travel policies.

Note: These restrictions only cover travel or conference attendance you’d be doing for work. Your personal travel choices are your own.

🚫 Postponed: Company Retreat

We have postponed our all-hands company retreat until October 18th. We will continue to assess the situation through the summer and if necessary we postpone further.

See: Postponing the retreat due to COVID-19.

🚫 Restricted: International Travel

We are restricting all international travel for work. Specific exceptions should be agreed and signed off by Partners (Tom, Joe, Noel).

If you think you need to travel for work then you should ping Tom on Slack directly with the following details:

  • Who needs to travel?
  • When and where do you intend to travel?
  • What will you be doing on the trip?
  • Why is the trip necessary?
  • Have the people going planned for how they will handle quarantine either in the country they are travelling to, or at home, if that ends up being necessary?

If you already have international travel planned between now and the end of June then you should discuss with Tom directly in Slack.

You may find that even if your travel is signed off, it is still cancelled last minute, you should continue to check local government travel advice, your airline, and with anyone you are travelling with, up until the day of travel.

🚫 Restricted: WCEU

We will not be attending WCEU unless the situation materially improves between now and the dates of the conferences.

As we get closer to the summer we will assess whether we think we can safely attend WCUS or not.

🚫 Restricted: Team Meetups

We will not be planning any Team Meetups until the COVID-19 situation improves and we feel we can lift the International Travel restrictions. This does not affect local co-working or small group meetups, but as mentioned below, we recommend that you also avoid those if possible and ask that at a minimum you follow local government advice.

⚠️ Recommendation: Local Travel in Country

You should follow local advice or restrictions for local travel. If your government is recommending that you do not travel then you should follow that advice.

We recommend that you avoid business travel if possible and default to doing things remotely, but it is at your discretion and no sign-off or notification is currently required to travel inside your home country.

If you are travelling to a client, or another office or gathering then you should contact them first to check if they have any visiting restrictions in-place.

Working From Home

⚠️ Recommendation: Prepare for working-from-home

Different countries are taking different approaches, which is why it’s so important that you maintain awareness of what your government recommends. If your government enforces work-from-home, then you may find that you need to work from home instead of a co-working space or coffee shop. It’s worth planning now for that eventuality so that if it becomes necessary to you are able to continue to work from home for a period.

What if I catch COVID-19 or am quarantined?

Sick Pay

If you catch COVID-19 and are too sick to work then you can take time off as normal at full pay.

The virus can be quite mild in some people, so you may find that you are able to continue to work from home for some or all of the time you have it.


If you are quarantined away from home whilst on a work trip due to COVID-19 then Human Made will cover the cost of your accommodation and meals for the duration of quarantine until you are returned to your home country. We will also cover the cost of travel back to your home country.

We will discuss covering the cost of any additional childcare or care of other costs that are required should you be quarantined due to a work trip on a case-by-case basis.

If you are quarantined at home then it’s important that you consider both your physical and mental health. If you are feeling physically ill as a result of the virus or you are feeling anxious, stressed or under emotional or mental strain as a result of the quarantine and continuing with work will make your physical or mental health worse, then it’s important that you take sick leave. However the virus can have mild physical impact on some people and similarly some people may find that continuing to work helps reduce feelings of isolation while under quarantine. If you feel that this is the case for you then we would strongly encourage you to continue to work from home for some or all of the time that you are under quarantine.

School Closure

It’s possible that you may find that your local government closes schools and you find that you are faced with balancing work whilst you have your children at home. It’s worth thinking now about how you might manage if that were to happen and what if any additional help or flexibility you might need from Human Made.

Remote Self-Care

In-person time with colleagues and friends can be really important to your well being and mental health, you may find that you need to take steps to replace that in-person time through the coming months:

  • Organise more coffee-break style catchups over Zoom with friends and colleagues.
  • Try to meet local friends or family more often.
  • Attend team and company hangouts to connect.

Our Employee Assistance Program as well as other counselling and support services will continue be available to everyone.

Follow Local Advice

  • Follow the advice of your local government, re-check regularly as things are changing rapidly.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Try to avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid handshakes when meeting people.

Further guidance on how to cope during the COVID-19 Virus as well as some tips for parents on providing support to children through the outbreak can be found on the CDC website.

Things might change

We don’t know how COVID-19 will play out. Things could worsen or improve. We will continue to update this page and post internally as things change. If you have questions or concerns you should raise them.