Performance Review

A performance review is an opportunity for you and your manager to check-in with how you are doing in your role, for you to get constructive feedback, and for you to think about your growth. During the performance review you’ll be able to talk through:

  • aspects of your behaviour in the company
  • the things you’ve achieved over the past six months
  • what you would like to improve upon
  • any personal and professional objectives you have set, and set some more for the coming six months

There are two ways that you could carry out a performance review:

  • As a reviewee (i.e. it is about you)
  • As a manager (i.e. you are reviewing someone else).

Performance review as a reviewee

There are detailed docs on the practicalities of writing a PR in Small Improvements, so this document will deal with the specifics of a Human Made Performance review. Please review the docs on Small Improvements to walk through the writing process.

Once every six months you will be invited to complete a performance review about how you have performed. You can use this as a chance to reflect upon what you have achieved over the past six months, and what you would like to work on in the future.

The performance review is broken down as follows:

1. Graph

You will be asked to mark on a graph where you think you sit in terms of behaviour and results. Note that this graph is just a starting point for your discussion with your manager, it is not used to make any decisions about your salary or your performance. You may find your manager and you interpret it somewhat differently, and that is still a useful discussion to have.

2. Behaviour

The first two narrative questions refer to Human Made’s behaviour framework. The behaviour framework is a series of statements that are used to describe how we’d expect each other to act within Human Made. It was developed upon the foundation of our values, in discussion with the partners, and with feedback from the leadership team. It’s a useful guide for reflecting on how the way that we act is in line with the company’s culture.

You will be asked to look over Human Made’s behaviour framework and decide:

a) which behaviours you are strong in
b) which behaviours you could work on improving

The questions about the behaviours ask about the individual items, e.g. “We treat everyone fairly” as opposed to the category “put people first”.

3. Work

You will then be asked two questions about your work. These are:

  • what you have done that has been very good
  • what didn’t turn out the way that you want it.

This is an opportunity for you to share the things you’re really proud of, reflect on how you could have done things differently, and think about how you will do things differently in the future.

4. Current Status

Finally, you’ll be asked about how you are feeling with where things currently stand, if there is anything that you would like to change, or anything that you’re particularly happy about.


Once you have completed your performance review, you should have a call with your manager, during which you should talk it through and fill in your Personal Development Plan.


How much time should I spend writing my performance review?

You should spend at least 30 minutes and not more than 2 hours. The call with your manager should take anywhere from 60-120 minutes.

Will my performance review be used to make a decision about my salary?

Your performance review can be used as one component of a request for a performance-based raise. Other factors that may be considered include, examples of work you have done, impact you’ve had on the company, and amount of money available for raises.

Who can see my performance review?

You, your direct manager, your indirect manager (if applicable), Tom, Sumaiya and Siobhan.