Weekly Update

Each week you’re expected to post your Weekly Update to the main 🔒 Updates P2.

This should summarise what’ve worked on / achieved in the past week and what you intend to focus on during the coming week.

On Friday at 8:00 UTC a Weekly Update post will be auto-published as a sticky, unresolved post. You should post your update as a comment on this post. On Tuesday it will be automatically marked as resolved and it’s unstuck. Aim to have your weekly update done either Friday or Monday.

The update is also an opportunity to put into writing issues, or general thoughts that you may have wanted to share during the week, but which you didn’t have time to reflect upon when the issue came up, and which don’t really warrant a full dedicated P2 post (and you might not be sure which P2 to put them on). A bullet point list of stuff you’ve done is ok, but it rarely captures the essence of your week, and this is a space we’d love to see people put a bit of reflection into. Much like a diary or journal is a great way to add some depth to the way you experience life generally, a Weekly Update can give you the space to consider some work phenomena with a bit more time and space.

If you’ve missed a few weeks just dial down the level of detail you want to put into the next one, and try and build the habit back up from a low effort level. It is easier to write a review on the Friday than the following Monday when the next week is already there in your face like a bouncy puppy.

Should you read everyone else’s Weekly Update? Thats totally up to you, but it *is* a lovely way to get an insight into the way your colleagues are experiencing work. There are team members who voraciously read absolutely everything, which is very cool, and others who may just skim a few posts. Diving in every few weeks is certainly a worthwhile minimum level of engagement.

Here’s a random example.