Setting up a H2

You can set up a H2 if you need to. They’re easy to set up and are a great forum for discussion for a project. To set up a H2:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the proxy (to double check your proxy status go to ‘Am I Proxied?‘)
  2. Navigate to the New Site page in the Network Admin
  3. Fill in the new site’s subdomain name and title
  4. Select the type of site (H2 for communication sites, or Handbook for handbooks)
  5. Select whether Public or Private (default to Private for all H2 site- public sites are accessible outside Human Made and are used for ur public handbooks etc).
  6. Click Add Site
  7. Go to the site admin for your new site by clicking the Dashboard link under the site name

And you’re done! You can, of course, add widgets and customise the site as you need to.