Finance Director

As Finance Director at Human Made you are responsible for the financial oversight and wellbeing of the company. You are responsible for the company’s accounting functions, financial transactions, accountancy, and audit systems. You should formulate annual, company-wide budgetary plans and targets, and prepare and review monthly management accounts, investigating variances and setting recovery plans as necessary.

It is your responsibility to make sure that Human Made’s financial systems are robust and compliant, supporting current activities and future growth. This includes monitoring cash flow on an ongoing bases and having oversight of the company’s cash management policies. You should be able to produce regular forecasts that can be used to help steer the direction and growth of the company. You are responsible for calculating appropriate transfer pricing rates and maintaining intercompany billing.

As Human Made is a remote company that places a high value on transparency, you should be an excellent communicator, maintaining an ongoing ability to explain the current and future financial status of the company to people with varying degrees of business knowledge. You should prepare weekly and monthly updates, keeping the company informed on financial health and progress. You should create, update, and implement financial policies and procedures by maintaining the Finance Handbook.

You should develop a good working relationship with the CEO, Partners, and Business Operations Manager. You will be a member of the Operations Team, though your work overlaps with the Client Services and Growth Teams. You should maintain good working relationships across teams, be able to effectively communicate the information you need, feed back relevant financial information to teams, and synthesise that information at a company level.

You are responsible for ensuring that the company meets the regulatory requirements of the statutory bodies it falls under, working with the Operations Team to adapt systems, policies, and processes to ensure they are met. You are responsible for the timely filing of all statutory accounts and tax returns, submission of R&D tax returns, and maintenance of internal records. You will be required to work with external parties, such as funders and advisors, and should establish a high level of credibility with them. Where required, you should be able to obtain sufficient levels of funding for the company.  

As a Director at Human Made, you are expected to be an active member of the Leadership Team, providing your expertise to help shape company strategy across all areas of the business, challenging assumptions and decision-making as appropriate and providing financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and business drivers.


  • Qualified accountant (CIMA, ACCA, ICAEW)
  • 10+ years post qualification accountancy experience
  • Experience of SME businesses and their issues
  • Experience of corporate finance issues (acquisitions, mergers, sales)
  • Experience of sourcing funding
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Relevant, up-to-date knowledge of cloud based accounting and reporting skills


  • Responsibility for the  company’s accounting function, financial transactions and accountancy matters, including audit systems
  • Regular forecasting, reports, and updates, at both team and company levels
  • Preparation and review of monthly management accounts and investigation of variances then setting recovery plans
  • Monitor cash flow on an ongoing basis, and develop company cash management policies
  • Ensure that company financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth
  • Be responsible for calculating appropriate transfer pricing rates and maintaining intercompany billing
  • Update and implement financial policies and procedures by maintaining the Finance Handbook
  • Ensure that the regulatory requirements of relevant statutory bodies are met
  • Work with funders to ensure a sufficient level of funding wherever possible
  • Establish a high level of credibility and manage strong working relationships with external parties including funders and advisors
  • Work with external advisors to ensure statutory accounts and tax returns are filed in a timely manner
  • Be responsible for the submission of research and development tax credits, working with external advisors, and maintaining internal records
  • Work with the Leadership Team to develop and implement the company strategy


Reports to: CEO

Works with: Operations Team, Client Services Team, Growth Team