For a closer look at what Noel is currently focused on see his GitHub project board:

Human Made’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO) blends expertise in marketing, sales and product development in order to break through operational silos and norms — not only developing a vision of moving the business forward, but being at the forefront of such evolutions:

  • Engaging with industry experts and technology specialists to identify new technology opportunities for Human Made and developing insights that will inform the adoption/ creation of new technology solutions to expand the Human Made portfolio (specifically via Altis DXP).
  • Engaging with industry leaders to understand the changing commercial landscape and consumer trends to identify new business markets/opportunities for Human Made and leading the development of new and significant commercial opportunities (example: Altis Accelerate, Key/Lighthouse Sales Deals, Fundraising).
  • Developing the overarching funding/growth strategy and liaising with colleagues to develop this into a clear structured implementation plan.
  • Providing mentor support across the organisation and encouraging colleagues to take an external and strategic perspective to their work and decisions.
  • Ensuring that Human Made identifies and takes opportunities to shape the market and consumer demand and thereby grow new business opportunities.