Company Structure

Human Made has a matrix-style structure. Everyone belongs to a discipline but most of the work is done in projects or teams. This means that you may have two or more people who are responsible for setting objectives or supporting you:

  • Line manager – is responsible for management, including performance, professional development, and capability
  • Project lead – could be a tech lead, project lead, Director, or someone else who is responsible for setting objectives for projects and delivering outcomes.


A discipline is a group of people who are functionally the same. For example, engineers, project managers, account managers. Each discipline has a lead who is responsible for development of that discipline, including best practices, supporting professional development, capability and performance. In Engineering, which is our largest discipline, there is a discipline lead (the Director of Engineering) who has Engineering Managers reporting into them. Due to their size, in most other disciplines the line manager is the person leading the discipline. 

Here is our line management structure as of May 2021:


While your discipline provides your direct line management, most of your work is done in a team or project to which you are assigned. While your discipline will likely stay the same throughout your time at Human Made, your team will change as you work on different projects or on multiple projects. Team leads change dependent on the project, but there are some leaders who have broad accountability for projects and outcomes in specific areas:

  • Ross – VP Revenue – Commercial, including outbound & inbound sales, and marketing 
  • Siobhan – VP People & Culture – People Projects, including the retreat and hiring
  • Jenny Beaumont – Director of Delivery – Project delivery, including Professional Services project delivery
  • Ryan McCue – Director of Product – Product development, including support and infrastructure
  • Zoe Hoyle – Director of Business Operations – Business and Finance