Trial Buddies & Onboarding

As a trial buddy, you are the first point of contact for someone who we are hoping will join the team. This is an important responsibility, first of all in the practical sense of ensuring they have access to everything they need to do their job, but, perhaps more importantly, you will be this person’s guide to the company, representing everyone at Human Made, our values, and our culture. Whether they join the company or not, everyone on trial at Human Made should have a great experience, and you are the person to provide it.

Onboarding a New Trial

When a new trial starts, create a post on 🔒 the Onboarding P2 with their name.

Add the following header with the correct details:

Trial name:
Project Team:

Add the following checklist. You should check off items as they are complete and add any trial-specific ones which are missing:

Trial onboarding
o call with new trial to welcome them
o weekly updates discussed
o intro on Updates
o add to all relevant P2s (as Author) (you need to be proxied to do this)
o add to Slack (full Slack access)
o run through [security checklist](
o add to any weekly meetings
o add to HM Github (as an outside collaborator to relevant repos)
o intro on team hangout
o intro to project team
o create a trial project private channel for discussion of the trial

Note – to add to the P2 network; First you need to add a person to the network before you can add to P2s. Ensure you’re behind the proxy, then go to Network Admin, and add the user to the network.

For all the above accounts use the individual’s personal email address. They will only get a Human Made email address once they have been accepted for a role.

Please note: If you are onboarding a trial project manager, please use this checklist specifically designed for the needs of the project manager role.

Offboarding a Trial

If a trial is not successful, you should leave a comment under the original post that briefly outlines the reasons that it was unsuccessful and any further action that should be taken (future follow-up, for example). On the original trial post, click edit and copy and paste the following checklist:

Offboarding trial
o remove from P2 network
o remove from Slack
o delete from Calendar
o remove from Github
o remove from developer (and sys admin) SSH keys and deploy (if relevant) - get help from #servers
o Remove from hm-proxy (if relevant) - #servers

Developer specific note: When removing developers SSH key from hm-proxy and #servers, you’ll need two pull requests, setting the developer status to absent first, then removing their entry completely.

Onboarding a New Human

Siobhan will onboard new humans with the following checklist:

Onboarding human

o send contract
o contract signed 
o add to TriNet (USA) / Xero (UK/Australia)
o add to pension plan
o go through first day handbook page
o go through first week handbook page
o confirm new hire has read entire handbook
o set up proxy
o set up email address
o make super admin on P2s
o add as owner to Github
o add to Facts
o update Base Public profile
o take profile image for
o ping Caspar to arrange announcement posts
o add to HM Calendars
o ask Trello admin to add to Trello
o ask Daisy to add to Expensify and CharlieHR
o add to 1Password (+ appropriate team/vaults)
o update Slack bio
o discuss tech and office equipment needs
o discuss expenses policy 
o help plan co-working or event trip during the first six months
o ping Tom to arrange 1:1s 
o send first week survey

Save the post.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all of these things are done and tick them off as they are completed. If you need any help you can ask others in the company for assistance.

Once the person has joined the company, you should continue to check in with them for three months to see if they require any help and ensure that they are acclimating to the company.